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Mindfulness and Wine: A Perfect Pairing

By Chiara Shanon

Sept/Oct 2022 3:29 pm ET

“What happened next changed everything. You see, I won that blind tasting. Then I won the next one. I soon realized that I had a secret weapon: a well-trained mind. Thanks to many years studying yoga, which in the classical tradition includes ancient and proven techniques for calming the nervous system, activating the senses, and cultivating present-moment awareness—practices that fall under the collective umbrella of modern mindfulness—I had inadvertently acquired a competitive advantage in blind tasting."


For Wine Expertise, Who Can You Really Trust?

By Lettie Teague

Feb. 26, 2020 3:29 pm ET

"As a self-described Yogi Sommelier...Chiara Shannon deals more directly with wine. Ms. Shannon earned a sommelier certification from the Wine & Spirits Education Trust some 10 years ago, in addition to getting certified as a yoga instructor...Ms. Shannon holds her Yogi Sommelier workshops at yoga studios in L.A. and elsewhere...'I teach mindful wine tasting,' she said. 'You learn how to focus, how to tune things out. It’s applying yoga techniques to wine tasting.'"

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The Agro Women of Santa Barbara County: Five Life and Business Lessons from Our Female Farmers

By Ninette Paloma

Jul. 22, 2020 3:29 pm ET

"The deLaski farm and vineyards is the final stop on The Yogi Sommelier’s Wellness Weekend, a two-day event curated by certified somm Chiara Shannon that connects the L.A. set to 'an entire world of agriculture in our own backyard.'....'Cultivating the mind and spirit encourages a deep connection to our food sources and land, something most of us are missing in our daily lives.'"

Chiara Shannon: The Hometown Yogi Sommelier Who Spreads Wellness

By Michele Stueven

Jun. 01, 2018 3:29 pm ET

"If there are two things in this world that can help keep out the chatter and help one stay balanced, it's yoga and a glass of good wine. Yogi sommelier Chiara Shannon has brought the two together at her workshops, which combine wine tasting and yoga."

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