In addition to sharing the world's most exciting organic, Biodynamic and natural wines through our experiences and events, we are also able to connect you with delicious wines that meet our highest quality standards, available for delivery right to your door.

Let us be your guide to enlightened drinking and help you choose real wines made as nature intended to complement a healthy, happy, balanced lifestyle.

Enhance your wine experience with a custom-curated order and guided virtual tasting! Please contact Chiara to learn more.

 Taste with Intention™ at Home

Experience a customized, guided virtual tasting with carefully sourced wines that meet our highest standards delivered right to your door. Contact us to learn more.

Consulting Services

Do  your wine choices align with your values? Does you brand follow through on its sustainable message across the entire customer experience? Mindful Wine offers tailored consulting services specializing in sustainable solutions for the retail, travel, wellness and tech industries as well as private clients. Please contact us to inquire.